American Marketing Association at Montana State


AMA ORG CHART 2018-2019

The chart below shows the organization flow chart for the 2018-2019 AMA at Montana State chapter. Elections for the 2018-2019 school year will be held Tuesday April 17th, 2018. If you want to be involved but don't see a position that sparks your interest, we are open to new ideas or suggestions! 

AMA Org Chart - 18-19.pptx (1).jpg

Executive Board

President: In charge of chapter coordination, planning, and recording.
Executive Vice President: Assists president with coordination and planning, aiding other VPs as needed,
VP of Marketing: Coordinates chapter promotions, website, and external communication.
VP of Communications: In charge of chapter minutes, email, newsletters, and social media presence.
VP of Finance: Creates chapter budget, controls chapter bank account, and maintains point system. 
VP of Fundraising: In charge of updating sponsorship packet and coordinating the acquisition of chapter sponsors.
VP of Programs: Tasked with developing the programming plan for the chapter, coordinating all speakers and chapter events. 
VP of Membership: Maintains an updated record of membership and coordinates all activities focused on member recruitment.

Director Positions


Director of Graphic Design: Primarily responsible for designing, and printing all graphics materials for the chapter, including bi-weekly posters, chapter plan, and annual report. 

Director of Pro Bono Marketing: Picks a local non-profit client to create a pro-bono plan, responsible for building a committee to execute plan, and overseeing the process.

Director of Web Content: Update and maintain the chapter website, and assist VP of Marketing if need be.

Director of Film & Photography: Document chapter events through appropriate medium, and write, film, and publish a Social Impact Video to compete at ICC. 


Director of Event Management: Coordinates speakers, workshops, webinars, etc. for General Membership Meeting as they align with overall Chapter initiatives. 

Director of Marketing Week: In charge of planning, implementing, and executing all events in Marketing Week. 

Director of Community Outreach: Identify local (Gallatin Valley) volunteer opportunities for AMA to participate in, and communicate these opportunities to the board and general members. 


Director of Recruitment: Become an expert in AMA chapter facts and current events, create and maintain classroom presentation database and schedule classroom presenations throughout each semester.  

Director of Retention: Monitor membership data base, compose emails for various membership types and monitor lapsing memberships. 

Director of Relations: Keep members engaged and passionate about AMA, member outreach and assist in the promotion of events including writing on whiteboard throughout Jabs Hall. 


Director of Business Accounts: Renew previous sponsors from past years, develop new contacts within the community to pursue for sponsorships. 

Director of Family Accounts: Responsible for reaching out to AMA Alumni for donations or sponsorships. Responsible for creating and maintaining a database with all alumni. 

Director of Grant Writing : Compose multiple grants throughout the year applying for funding from the Office of Student Engagement, Jake Jabs College of Business and other relevant sources. 


Director of Scholarships: Responsible for creating a scholarship application, creating a scholarship committee and assisting in the process of picking scholarship recipients each year.  


Director of Social Media: In charge of curating content and messages to be shared with chapter members. Will maintain a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (may enlist the assistance of other chapter members to be in charge of a single SM platform).

Director of E-Newsletters: Only duty is to write copy, design, and collect images for monthly newsletter. 

Director of Email Marketing: Sends all messages to board, chapter members, and sponsors, utilizing MailChimp for personalization and analytics. Keeps lists up-to-date. 

Director of Public Relations: Oversee all communication efforts between MSU, College of Business and community platforms.