American Marketing Association at Montana State

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the American Marketing Association at Montana State is a group of dedicated business students who set time aside to prioritize the health and growth of the chapter. The board meets to plan events, create strong relationships within the community, and identify opportunities for professional growth that will benefit all members of the chapter. These students are tasked with making financial and operational decisions to ensure the goals set at the beginning of the year are met. Currently, the Executive Board is made up of eight positions which are: the president, executive vice president, VP of programs, VP of membership, VP of finance, VP of fundraising, VP of marketing, and the VP of communications. These individuals are in charge of managing directors and committees who help make the plans reality. For more about directors, see the organizational chart on the Leadership page.

Meet the Board




Executive VP


VP of Communications

VP of Membership

VP of Programs

VP of Marketing

VP of Finance

VP of Fundraising

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Eric Van Steenburg

Assistant Professor of Marketing