AMA Organizational Chart 2019-2020

The chart below shows the organizational chart for the 2019-2020 AMA at Montana State chapter. If you want to be involved but don't see a position that sparks your interest, we are open to new ideas or suggestions. 

Spring 19 AMA Org Chart .jpg

Position Details

Below is a description of the level of involvement in each position here at AMA. We encourage students of all years and majors to become members and benefit from the opportunities AMA has to offer. If you envision yourself as an AMA member click the link to become a member.

Executive Board

President: In charge of chapter coordination, planning, and recording.
Executive Vice President: Assists president with coordination and planning, aiding other VPs as needed,
VP of Marketing: Coordinates chapter promotions, website, and external communication.
VP of Communications: In charge of chapter minutes, email, newsletters, and social media presence.
VP of Finance: Creates chapter budget, controls chapter bank account, and maintains point system. 
VP of Fundraising: In charge of updating sponsorship packet and coordinating the acquisition of chapter sponsors.
VP of Programs: Tasked with developing the programming plan for the chapter, coordinating all speakers and chapter events. 
VP of Membership: Maintains an updated record of membership and coordinates all activities focused on member recruitment.

Director Positions


Director of Graphic Design: Primarily responsible for designing, and printing all graphics materials for the chapter, including bi-weekly posters, chapter plan, and annual report. 

Director of Pro Bono Marketing: Picks a local non-profit client to create a pro-bono plan, responsible for building a committee to execute plan, and overseeing the process.

Director of Web Content: Update and maintain the chapter website, and assist VP of Marketing if need be.

Director of Film & Photography: Document chapter events through appropriate medium, and write, film, and publish a Social Impact Video to compete at ICC. 


Director of Event Management: Coordinates speakers, workshops, webinars, etc. for General Membership Meeting as they align with overall Chapter initiatives. 

Director of Marketing Week: In charge of planning, implementing, and executing all events in Marketing Week. 

Director of Community Outreach: Identify local (Gallatin Valley) volunteer opportunities for AMA to participate in, and communicate these opportunities to the board and general members. 


Director of Business Accounts: Renew previous sponsors from past years, develop new contacts within the community to pursue for sponsorships. 

Director of Family Accounts: Responsible for reaching out to AMA Alumni for donations or sponsorships. Responsible for creating and maintaining a database with all alumni. 

Director of Grant Writing : Compose multiple grants throughout the year applying for funding from the Office of Student Engagement, Jake Jabs College of Business and other relevant sources. 


Director of Scholarships: Responsible for creating a scholarship application, creating a scholarship committee and assisting in the process of picking scholarship recipients each year.  


Director of Social Media: In charge of curating content and messages to be shared with chapter members. Will maintain a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (may enlist the assistance of other chapter members to be in charge of a single SM platform).

Director of E-Newsletters: Only duty is to write copy, design, and collect images for monthly newsletter. 

Director of Email Marketing: Sends all messages to board, chapter members, and sponsors, utilizing MailChimp for customization and analytics. Keeps lists up-to-date. 

Director of Public Relations: Oversee all communication efforts between Montana State University, the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship and the community.


Director of Recruitment: Become an expert in AMA chapter facts and current events, create and maintain classroom presentation database and schedule classroom presentations throughout each semester.  

Director of Retention: Monitor membership data base, compose emails for various membership types and monitor lapsing memberships. 

Director of Relations: Keep members engaged and passionate about AMA, member outreach and assist in the promotion of events including writing on whiteboard throughout Jabs Hall.