AMA offers marketing consulting for businesses in Montana. Check out our services below!


Strategic Planning

  • Marketing Plan

  • Branding Plan

  • Fundraising Plan

  • Social Media Marketing Plan


  • Logo and Tagline

  • Brand Book/Guidelines

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

Other Services

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Creation

Market Research

  • Segmentation and Target Market Identification

  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

  • Strategic SWOT Analysis

  • Primary Research:

    Surveys, Focus Groups, Interviews, etc.

  • Secondary Research:

    Industry Analysis, Competitor Analysis

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Website Creation and Design

  • SEO/Keyword Research

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Content Creation

  • Infographics

  • Ad Copy

  • Website Content

  • Blog Creation and Content

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Sacks Thrift Store & Bozeman Help Center

  • Pro-Bono Marketing Plan

  • Social Impact Video

  • Two commercials shown on ABC/FOX Montana

Northwestern Mutual

Northwest Mutural.jpg

The branding consulting project that we completed for Northwestern Mutual included conducting primary research, analyzing it, creating a report, presenting it to the client, and creating logo and tagline options. A small team at Northwestern Mutual was looking to differentiate themselves from other teams and asked our chapter to help them with that. The clients gave us two name options. We created a name preference survey exploring those two options. Using the data collected from around 200 responses, we were able to conclude which name was more preferable to the audience. The qualitative survey responses were also used to find common words that the name reminded the audience of. This data was then used to create sample taglines. Once the data had been analyzed, the report was written and presented to the client, along with the logo options that had been created. 

Shared Services Co-op Feasibility Study 

Secondary Analysis -

  • Industry analysis

  • Customer Analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • Created static SWOT and strategic SWOT

Primary Analysis -

  • Identified top services/benefits of this co-op to provide to offer members 

  • Identified consumer interest of the shared services co-op

  • Identified pricing strategies for co-op membership and investment