What is the International Collegiate Conference?

The AMA International Collegiate Conference is one of the best investments you can make as an aspiring marketer, and we invite you to join us March 12-14, 2020 at the 42nd annual conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The AMA and the Collegiate Chapters Council offers active AMA chapters and members numerous opportunities to be recognized for their excellence and assist in the growth of their professional development. Awards and competitions, offered over the course of the academic year, are available in a variety of topics.

AMA at Montana State’s International Collegiate Conference participation over the years

AMA Montana State has brought a group of members to compete and participate in the conference since the 16-17 academic year. Chapter members have successfully competed in several competitions, including the Social Impact Competition, Team Case Competition, Best Website, and Marketing Strategy Competitions. AMA Montana State has been recognized as a Top 25 International Chapter in 2017 and a Top 20 International Chapter in 2018 and 2019. 


How to Compete?

Put your marketing skills to test up against some of the best future marketers in the world by participating in competitions at the International Collegiate Conference. Below is the list of the competitions that we will be competing in and contact information for you to join our team.

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Case Competitions

The AMA Collegiate Case Competition is a year-long event that brings together top marketing students to work on a business challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization. The case sponsor provides a detailed marketing problem and is looking to gain the perspective of AMA students. They develop a marketing strategy in this nationally recognized competition.

Outbound Sales Competition

This AMA competition, sponsored by Sherwin Williams, is designed to improve students’ telephone communication skills. 250 AMA student members will be able to compete, first come, first serve.


Marketing Week

AMA Marketing Week is traditionally held the first full week in October. It's a chance for collegiate chapters to showcase career opportunities in marketing and highlight the benefits of AMA membership through programming on their local campus.

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Chapter Plans & Annual Report

The chapter plan is intended to focus the chapter’s attention and efforts on what needs to be accomplished in the academic year and how to achieve those goals. The annual report helps focus the chapter’s attention on what was accomplished in the academic year. It summarizes the impact of those efforts.

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Website Competition

The AMA Collegiate Chapter Website Competition is one of our most valuable competitions. Your chapter’s website is one of your most important communication tools for your internal members and the public at large.

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Sales Competition

The AMA Sales Competition is an ideal opportunity to compete one-on-one against other marketing students. You can test your ability to close a sale and win cash prizes!

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Perfect Pitch Competition

The AMA Perfect Pitch Competition is a 90-second interview in which you position yourself as being “right for the job.”


Sales & Marketing Roundtables

AMA Sales and Marketing Roundtables offer students the opportunity to connect and network in small groups with current professionals around topics related to sales, career development and various marketing topics.

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Marketplace Simulations Competition

To complete the challenge, you will use a Marketplace simulation. Marketplace is a competitive business game that takes marketing students through real-world marketing decisions one step at a time.


SABRE Business Simulation

The SABRE Business Simulation takes place at the AMA International Collegiate Conference. SABRE provides the framework which immerses the participants in a dynamic, competitive situation. Teams may add and withdraw products from the marketplace as well as advertise, price, distribute and design those products to best fit varying market segments.

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Chapter Exhibit Competition

These exhibits, presented in trade show fashion by AMA collegiate chapters, give chapters an opportunity to be creative and show off their accomplishments. Fellow students, as well as guest judges, will select the winners!

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Marketing Strategy Competition

This competition taking place at the AMA International Collegiate Conference, will challenge your wit, speed, and presentation skills while leveling the playing field for all schools – big, small, commuter- many resources to no resources!

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Student Poster Session

Looking for an additional academic reason to attend the AMA International Collegiate Conference? The student research poster session is a great way for you to showcase your research and can assist in getting travel funding from your school or department.

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Best Recruitment & Social Impact Video

AMA Collegiate is again offering its affiliated AMA collegiate chapters the opportunity to build their Recruitment and Social Impact efforts through two video competitions.

T-Shirt Competition.JPG

T- Shirt Competition

Chapters are encouraged to design a chapter t-shirt that represents their chapter or university spirit. Students will have the opportunity to exchange t-shirts with fellow AMA chapters and enter to compete in the Chapter T-Shirt Competition, sponsored by PPAI.



Top 20 International Collegiate Chapter

Marketing Strategy Competition - 1st Place

Marketing Research Poster - 1st Place

National Marketing Student of the Year - Runner Up

National Sales Competition - 3rd Place

Best Website - 3rd Place

Best Marketing Week - Honorable Mention

AMA Case Competition - Honorable Mention

Pitch Perfect Competition - Finalist

SABRE Business Simulation - 15th Overall

AMA at ICC - 2019.jpg
Group Award 3.jpg


Top 20 International Collegiate Chapter

AMA Case Competition - 3rd Place

Best Website - 2nd Place

Marketing Strategy Competition - Semi Finalist

Group 1.jpg


Top 25 International Collegiate Chapter

Marketing Strategy Competition - Semi Finalist

Social Impact Video - 3rd Place (View Video)


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