T-Shirt Competition

T-Shirt Competition.JPG

Chapters are encouraged to design a chapter t-shirt that represents their chapter or university spirit. Students will have the opportunity to exchange t-shirts with fellow AMA chapters and enter to compete in the Chapter T-Shirt Competition, sponsored by PPAI.

Students are encouraged to bring as many chapter or school shirts as they would like to exchange, and also bring one to display for the t-shirt competition. The chapter that designs the winning t-shirt wins a reserved table, front and center, at the Saturday ICC awards banquet! This is a great way to get to know other conference attendees as well as getting some cool shirts.

This chapter will be competing for the first time in this competition. A group of aMA members are designing a t-shirt design to best represent our chapter in bozeman, Montana.

The AMA Members Involved Are:

Vice President Of Marketing: Brianne Maghan
Director Of Social Media: Caitlin McClean
Director Of Graphic Design: Available

We are looking for a graphic designer and anyone that is creative and would like to compete in this competition. Please Click the button below to apply.