Best Website Competition

The AMA Collegiate Chapter Website Competition Is One Of Our Most Valuable Competitions. Your Chapter’s Website Is One Of Your Most Important Communication Tools For Your Internal Members And The Public At Large. For this competition, Our local AMA website gets updated by the (Website Director) then approved by the chapter board and advisor. The website then gets submitted and judged before the competition in the spring in Louisiana where the winners get announced.

This Years Best Website Competition Involves Two AMA Members Who designed and created this chapters website To Be Entered In The 2020 ICC Competition. Each AMA Member Went Above And Beyond To Create A website To Encourage Membership and Sponsorships for this chapter.

The AMA Members Involved Are:

Vice President Of Marketing: Brianne Maghan
Director of Website Content: Claire Shinn


Previous Website Competition:

Homepage Top.JPG
I worked with a great team, where Michael Kriegel, Cameron Erickson, and I placed third for the best website out of 388 school chapters. This was a huge accomplishment and a great resume builder. I had a lot of fun being creative and liked the challenge of redesigning the chapter’s website.
— Brianne Maghan