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Prospective Members

The American Marketing Association welcomes students of all majors and interests. Check out the online guide of AMA Membership Benefits to see what the AMA can do for you. Interested students are welcome to come to two general membership meetings. Already convinced AMA is for you? Join today!

When interviewing for jobs after graduation, there wasn’t a single question I couldn’t answer that didn’t relate back to an experience I had with AMA. Not only did AMA give me the leadership experience I wanted, it also opened the door to better opportunities and higher paying positions.
— Vanessa Bakken, marketing ('17)


The American Marketing Association is a national organization that provides members with a global network of over 370 affiliated collegiate chapters and 11,000 AMA student members. As a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association, our members are privy to countless resources. The benefits of membership include:

  • networking opportunities

  • professional development

  • participation in countless competitions

  • resume building

  • targeted workshops

  • mentorship and leadership development

Coming from the film program, AMA gave me a fantastic opportunity to learn and gain practical experience with marketing, sales, business and organizational leadership – things I never would have had otherwise. When I started a video production company after graduation, the knowledge and influence from my time at AMA gave me a strong advantage in building a successful brand and business.
— Duncan Williamson, Film ('17)

For those considering an AMA membership and would like to seek a scholarship to cover member dues, please apply for one of our Membership Scholarships. AMA at Montana State offers two scholarships that covers the full membership fee and two scholarships that cover half of the membership fee each academic year.